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Laser Settings

Laser Settings
Laser Settings


LaserBits has provided some baseline settings for engraving and cutting various materials. Today’s advanced laser systems provide crisp, clean quality and offer a consistency that is extraordinary. However, each laser tube output varies slightly so the settings shown may need adjustment for your system. Clean laser optics also makes a difference in the transmitted laser energy. Take the time to maintain the lens and mirrors on your system to obtain repeatability.

When adjusting settings, a good rule is to adjust either the power or the speed. Having less variables will help to find the optimum settings faster. Also, keep the power setting as low as possible. Power settings that are too high can melt and distort many materials. All settings noted use the default resolution which is 500 or 600 depending on the make of your laser system.

A special note when using CerMark Metal Marking Solution: not all metals use the same speed setting. Metals that are thick will require more heat energy and a slower speed setting. Softer metals like aluminum and pewter also require more heat energy and a slower engraving speed setting. If the engraving washes off, slow the speed setting until the engraving bonds to the metal.


Engraving Settings - 35 Watt System
Power Speed
Acrylic Cast Awards & Sheet 45 100
Alder Wood 100 65
AlumaMark 35 100
CerMark Metal 100 30
CerMark Tile 100 24
Coated Metals 80 100
Delrin 100 30
Glass/Crystal 100 30
Silicone (Klikit Silicone Bands) 100 50
Maple Wood 100 65
Marble – Soft 25 100
Marble – Hard 75 80
Onyx 25 100
Painted Acrylic & Mirrored Sheet 50 100
Premium Laser Rubber 100 20
RowMark LaserLIGHTS/FlexiBrass 35 100
RowMark LaserMAX/LASERmag 40 100
Walnut Wood 100 60
Cutting Settings - 35 Watt System
Power Speed
Acrylic Cast/Extruded – 1/8 100 10
Alder Wood -1/8 90 20
Laser Foil 5 20
Premium Laser Rubber 100 10
Rowmark LaserLIGHTS/FlexiBrass 30 20
Rowmark LaserMAX/LASERmag 45 20
Shell Laminate 25 20
Stencil 20 20
Wood Thins 5 20


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