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TUS 026 - Laser Process Training Package


This new Laser Process Training Package includes the following CD's:

This CD includes:

- Information on how to use the CerMark Metal and Tile/Glass Marking Products

- Easy to follow tutorials

- Step-by-step instructions on how to use CerMark

- Tips and materials needed to get started

- An image gallery

This CD includes:

- Information on how to work with different image types

- Information on scanning, fixing, cleaning and engraving patterns

This CD includes:

- How to layout a job

- Apply the correct shouldering

- Engrave the final job

This CD includes:

- Tips on raster engraving

- Tips on vector cutting

- How to videos

- Project ideas

This CD includes:

- Instructions on how to use Color Fill

- Instructions on how to use Laser Foils

- Ways to enhance projects using LaserLIGHT Sheets and FlexiBrass

- As well as how to use Shell Laminates and Wood Thins

This CD includes:

- Detailed techniques of photo engraving

- Requirements that are needed on your computer

- Suggested software

- Instructions on how to scan your image

- Steps to modify, enhance, and process your image for engraving

- And finally a lesson on how to engrave your final product

This CD is compatible with all versions of CorelDRAW.

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