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SUS 136 - CerMark LMM-6151 - Metal Marking Solution - Bright Copper - 100g


Mark metal with three colors are now available in Black, Pearl White and Bright Copper!

The Pearl White and Bright Copper colors expand the applications for metal marking and work in much the same way as the well known Black color.

These two very special compounds require spraying on to the metal using an air brush, small cup sprayer or the XUS 007 - Spray Tool Kit. The metallic nature of the Pearl White and Bright Copper will not allow them to be brushed on.

Once sprayed on to bare, uncoated metal, engrave using the same power and speed settings used for the Black color to fuse the coating on to the metal. After engraving, wash with water to remove the unengraved coating. The results are outstanding and equally as durable as the Black color. The 100 grams of solution will cover an estimated 1000+ square inches.

The Pearl White color gives excellent contrast with dark metals such as Parkerized steel used on gun parts. The Bright Copper color has a metallic finish that sparkles and adds flair.

Pearl White and Bright Copper metal marking compounds are not considered hazardous materials by shippers and can be shipped by air or ground without an additional fee. These metal marking compounds are compatible with Co2, YaG and Fiber lasers and produce high contrast marks on a wide range of metals including stainless steel, aircraft grade aluminum, chrome and many more. This product is manufactured by Ferro and their product number is LMM-6151.

PLEASE NOTE: This product ships by ground or air only within the Continental United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. 

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