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NUS 045 - Brushed TechLine Plate - Brushed - 6x8

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This TechLine plate features a brushed finish. The layout was created in CorelDRAW using clip art from the Vector Art Mega Collection. A CerMark Metal Marking Solution was applied on the bare metal in a smooth even coat. The CerMark dried to the touch in 20 minutes. The job was engraved at 30% speed, 100% power on a 35 watt laser system. After engraving, the un-engraved CerMark was washed off with water and the TechLine plate was dried with a towel. The result was detailed engraving permanently bonded to the metal.

6" x 8" x .020"
Stainless Steel Grade: 320

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  • Model: NUS 045

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