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XUS 039 - Advantage 500 Filter System


The Bofa Advantage 500 Filter System is a high volume unit designed to scrub smoke and fumes generated by larger size or multiple laser systems.

This unit could easily handle filtration duties from a 24x36 bed size laser system.

The Filter System is comprised of three different filter stages. Carbon, HEPA and particulate filters scrub the smoke and fumes from the laser. Each filter element can be replaced independently to maintain peak performance.

Advanced electronics monitor air flow and pressure to attain maximum scrubbing of the smoke and fumes.

Powered by 115 Volts the Filter System requires a 15 Amp minimum electrical circuit.

The Advantage 500 Filter System is designed for constant duty, volume applications. Motors and electrical components are industrial quality. Powder coated enclosure.

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  • Model: XUS 039

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