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SUS 189 - LiquaMASK - Quart

Best New Technology Award

Revolutionary new masking product for laser processing!

LiquaMASK applies as a liquid and quickly dries to create a durable mask. The mask will protect the top surface of the substrate to prevent smoke damage or scorching from the engraving or cutting process

Ideal for a variety of laser processes including color filling, light sandblasting and deep engraving. LiquaMASK works with coated wood, engraving plastic, acrylic, glass, marble, coated metal and dozens of other materials.

To use, brush on to the substrate. LiquaMASK is thick and will not look smooth. After a few minutes LiquaMASK will flow smooth and consistent. Drying time is 20-30 minutes. After complete drying, engrave and cut the substrate. Peel the LiquiMask off to reveal the clean substrate. Non hazardous and laser safe.

1 quart covers 4000 square inches

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  • Model: SUS 189

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