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WUS 095 - Walnut Wood Thins - 5 Pk


Walnut Wood Thins are dark and visually dramatic with a self-adhesive back for timely production and ease of application. Each Wood Thin sheet is clear coated and ready to engrave and cut. Imagine the possibilities - this product can be used for logo work or embellishments to create the classic look of inlaid wood.

The Wood Thins are .005 inches thick and arrive in packs of 5 with each sheet measuring 8x11 inches. Sample packs are also available, providing two sheets of each wood type. Samples were engraved using 100% speed and 20% power on a 35 watt system.

For more information on using Wood Thins, please visit our Tech Tips section.

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NOTE: Red Alder Plaque not included.

8" x 11" x .005" - Self adhesive

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